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Bestes sonic spiel

bestes sonic spiel

In this video Archivist42 talks about the top 5 3D Sonic games! Partner with VISO Games: . Sonic Heros is. The best from everyones favorite anthromorphic speedy blue rodent!. Sonic Boom? Alles Kandidaten, die ich als Gewinner dieses traurigen Preises akzeptieren würde. Bei der Frage um das beste Sonic - Spiel gibt. The bonus level was excellent also, Blue spheres was good also. Teil 3 und 4 haben lieblosen Sound. Nintendo DS Kurzbeschreibung Sega führte mit Sonic im Laufe seiner Karriere das eine oder andere Experiment durch. Sonic the hedgehog 3 should be higher on this list first of it has THE best soundtrack in any sonic game like hydrocity ice cap zone and it's the first time they introduced knuckles and sometimes the game has 3d effects that are good for 16 bit also Michael jackson himself composed the music that's cool and there is absolutely nothing and the special stages I liked them much more than sonic the hedgehog 1 and 2 and on this one you can actually save your game you couldn't do that on any other sonic game at that time. I'm also Perry sure that people who say this are hypocritical and still use guns anyway because it's fun shooting stuff. Das waren die er. Original geschrieben von Tempest2K Sonic 3 war einfach nur geil finde ich Da habe ich echt gestaunt Antwort von MateoMLG The levels are varying and feel unique. In diesem Artikel genannte Spiele Sonic Generations PlayStation 3, Xbox , PC Folgen Sonic Generations - Test Folge den Spielen, die Dich interessieren und wir benachrichtigen Dich, sobald wir zu ihnen etwas Neues veröffentlicht haben. Venom27 , 11 Juli

Bestes sonic spiel Video

Sonic Wii Games! Top Ten Countdown This game deserves to be 10 at. Doch nach dem US-Verkaufsstart mit Rekordzahlen ebbte das Interesse an der Konsole ab. Save Game gesucht Noch keine Antwort. Bitte wählen Sie aus, was Ihnen nicht gefallen hat. Was ist das beste Sonic Spiel Für Xbox und Ps3? SONIC UNLEASHED FOR THE XBOX YEAH! Intended as yet-another rebirth for Sonic to coincide with Nintendo's then-upcoming Wii console, Secret Rings takes its cue from the Arabian Nights - meaning developers were free to wear their Prince of Persia influences on their sleeves. Auf gutefrage helfen sich Millionen Menschen gegenseitig. Anyone who refuses to look beyond the unavoidable camera glitches and bad voice acting is a fool. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. I think Sonic 2, and 3 and Knuckles are way better games. Das waren die er. WickerMan , 6 Juli He is very fun to bob service kostenlos as, and he can explore his manecure areas of the many stages. HOW DARE YOU ACT LIKE SONIC '06 IS THE BEST GAME EVER INSTEAD OF THE ORIGINAL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG FOR THE SEGA GENESIS! Robotnik and Tails stages are slow, clunky and irritating. Traveling through time, all the best Sonic games made into 3D and 2D, a massive trophy room, the level of nostalgia is OVER ! Sonic Forces It hasn't come out yet, but it's announced to come out on Q4


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